With instant results, the digital camera has revolutionised photography. As a talent and art form, Rotary celebrates the photographic skills of young people with a sequence of competitions that allows them to demonstrate and display what they can produce

There are 3 age groups in the Rotary Young Photographer competition (7-10, 11-13 and 14-17, as on 31 Aug 20) and for 2020-21 entrants are required to produce a portfolio of 3 photographs based on the theme “WILD NATURE”.  Local heats will be organised by Rotary Clubs located throughout Devon and Cornwall, with the winners being entered into the District 1175 Young Photographer competition, and the best entries in that competition being forwarded to compete nationally.

Entrance is free and certificates will be awarded to everyone participating.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners at each level of the competition.  Full details of the Rotary Young Photographer competition and entry forms are included below.

One of our prize sponsors for the 2019-20 District 1175 Young Photographer competition is ACD Systems.  If you are new to photography, they have some really useful advice to help make your pictures look really great.  Please click here to visit their “Photography 101” tutorial webpage.

The winners of each age group in the District 1175 Young Photographer competition will be invited to attend a photographic workshop with Ross Hoddinott in North Cornwall. Yet to be confirmed, but the date is fixed.  If the winners are unable to attend then the runners-up will be invited in their place.  Ross will provide one-to-one tuition to the young photographers, with additional support being provided by Peter and Caroline Bland of Silverlake Photography.  This will be a fantastic experience!

2019-20 Young Photographer Results

Please click on the respective names above to visit their websites for an idea of the level of tuition you will receive.

All the district competition entries will be exhibited at district conference in June 2020 and conference delegates will be invited to vote for their favourite photograph in each age group. Two ACDSee licences will be awarded to the delegates’ favourite winner and runner-up.

Application forms

DON’T Forget to have the form signed by your parent/guardian and include your brief sentence of what each photograph represents in relation to the theme.

Applications will close on the 31st October 2020.

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Please email your entries to trevor@trevorbranton.co.uk before the closing date ensuring you have provided all the info needed as detailed in the application form.

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