YES, its fast approaching that time of year again, and I know the kids and schools are in holiday mode etc. But I thought I’d get this out to everyone as quickly as possible to give a heads up to the kids for them to get out to start snapping.
Last year we had a tremendous response and this year, we’d like to make it even better.

An amazing effort from all candidates last year, with Local Heat Results as below

  • Jesse Geen taking first place for the Juniors,
  • Archie French for the Intermediate class,
  • Erin Harding taking First place for the Seniors

There photos can be seen here

So as a starter,
  • The theme for the competition this year is ‘Through My Eyes. Competitors must produce a portfolio of 3 photographs and provide a brief sentence of what each photograph represents in relation to the theme. Imaginative interpretations are to be encouraged, but stretching the boundaries too far is not recommended
  • The competition includes 3 age groups (7-10, 11-13 and 14-17, based on age on 31 Aug 19)
  • The competition has 3 judging criteria: technical merit, content & composition and imagination & style.
  • The winners of each age group in your club competition may be entered into the district competition and, likewise, the winners of the district competition into the RIBI national competition.
Full application forms will be availble on our forms and documents page in the coming months. We propose to have a competition later on this year for our finalists to be submitted to the District level for the 2019 competition and the date of this will be confirmed shortly.
If you could share this page with any groups you think would benefit or be interested in being part of this fantastic event and dont forget to subscribe to keep up to date with the latest news of all our Youth Activities
For more full entry information, see our page Young Photographer
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