Dartmouth Rotary with the very much, and valued help of Ginny Campbell, are very pleased to anounce the results of the the Young Photographer Competition.

The winners of our local compeition will be forwarded to our District area competition (Devon and Cornwall)

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the Rotary Young Photographer Competition are to encourage young people to:

  • experiment with photography
  • use digital and/or traditional methods of photography
  • demonstrate interpretation of the topic
  • express ideas through the medium of photography

Entrants were required to submit three pictures and a brief statement of the relationship of each image to the theme.  Judges were asked to consider technical merit, content and composition and imagination and style.

With these this in mind, I have considered the entries and selected the winners.  First, however, I would congratulate all the entrants on their efforts.  There are some thoughtful and imaginative interpretations of the topic Through My Eyes using both in-camera and post processing techniques to achieve the outcomes, and I enjoyed looking at every single one.

Winner Junior Section: Jesse Geen

There was only one entrant in the 7-10 age group, but the entry showed a good interpretation of the theme and a lot of imagination.  The use of depth of field to hold the viewer’s attention on different parts of the picture was well done.  The three images’ circular repetition helped to link them together and illustrate the idea of seeing through the photographer’s eyes.

Intermediate Section:  Runner-Up Dylan Deville

The 11-13 age group Runner-Up Winner has created a story with the three images to illustrate using your eyes to take you into the imaginative world that can be created by print, drawing you into the book with the illuminated centre, then moving on from the pages into the new world created by your imagination.  The processing of the first image is well done to draw the eye to the brighter interior; the second image stands out for its viewpoint, composition techniques and use of depth of field to draw the viewer into and through the book; the third image, perhaps the weakest, might have portrayed the idea better by taking a lower viewpoint closer to the book with the feet/shadow moving away.  The overall story is good, well photographed with imagination and good camera technique.

Intermediate Section:  Winner Saxony Hunn

The 11-13 Winner has used imagination and good camera techniques to tell a story from three different viewpoints, very well linked to the Through Your Eyes theme.  The three characters, mother, baby and probably father (the onlooker), are caught in the same moment of time, all seeing something different.  The emotional response of looking back to the past is emphasised by the grainy monochrome treatment and the considered use of 1950’s props and clothing.  Although there is good dynamic range (meaning strong blacks and whites) to the monochrome images, the photographer could consider using a post-processing programme to ensure detail is retained in both the very brightest and the darkest places.  A very imaginative and competent entry on all points and a well deserved winner in this class.

Senior Section:  Runner-Up Katie Carpenter

Unfortunately, the Runner-Up Photographer in the 14-17 age group submitted no personal statement for the images.  However, they appear to tell the story of a Passing Out Parade at BRNC, through the eyes of someone in the audience, perhaps the sibling of the female cadet featured in two of the images.  The three pictures are well shot with the first setting the scene for the march past of cadets with the band and the reviewing stand in the college parade ground. The viewpoint of this image includes these two key elements but the picture is weakened by the only sharp point of focus being the tallest helmet, when attention should be on the reviewing Admiral.  The two following images are well shot technically and tell the story of two moments in the parade.  The three together do a commendable job of showing one person’s view of a memorable moment in the life of a BRNC cadet.

Senior Section:  Winner S-8 Sophie Perry

The Senior Winner has created an imaginative and unusual set of images using the Through Your Eyes theme in a strikingly literal way.  Each eye holds a view of a different everyday object, and appears to be eyes within eyes.  The closeup shot of the eye is sharp where it needs to be and the lighter tones in the iris draw the viewer into the centre of each picture.  The photographer obviously has some post-processing skill with blending and has handled this well.  For me, the eye within the eye doesn’t work so effectively, and I would have preferred a cleaner picture of the iris to frame the subjects the photographer has chosen to be seen Through Your Eyes.  The result, however, is unusual, imaginative and technically well handled.


Congratulations to ALL participants. I look forward to seeing your entries next year.

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